We are our times (2014)

We are our times was an artistic research by Claudia Heu and Roland Schmidt in the context of the research series What’s Up? initiated by tanzbuero.The economic and social system we grew up in is unravelling – and so are we. How do we orient* ourselves in a system that we know to be unsustainable and brutal, but from which it is hard to escape, and from which we are profittng nonetheless? So the question really is what kind of open spaces, potential for change and utopia can we, despite and exactly because of this system, explore and claim for ourselves? We ask personal questions such as: wirsindunserezeitenglish-1“Who am I in these times?”, “How do I orient myself”, “Who do I wish to become?”, “Where is (my) Utopia?”** We are looking for places where people experiment with new forms of communal life. Places, where art and life, a sustainable economy, solidarity and resistance merge.

* to orient: facing east; from Latin orientum – the rising sun, the east, part of the sky where the sun rises.
** Utopia – non-place; from Greek topos – place and prefix u-/non-;

PLACE: SEAD, Schallmooser Hauptstrasse 48a, 5020 Salzburg
DATE & TIME: December 12, 2015 | 7.30pm | Free Entrance
R.s.v.p.: office@tanzbuero.net

Materials from the Public Sharing and additional Information about the topic:

Poem about time

Handout part 1 We are our times
Handout part 2 We are our times
Handout part 3 We are our times

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