DJ and Performance Project II (2012)

Workshop and Presentation
DJ and Performance Project
With Mathias Weiss (DJ diaz, Stereofreezed Soundsystem / TUBEKLUB) and Magda Chowaniec (Performance)

Fri, 26 and Sat, 27 October, 12 to 6 pm
Tanzstudio, Unipark Nonntal, Erzabt-Klotz-Straße 1
Max. 15 participants: dancers, performers, choreographers

Sat, 27 October, 10 pm, tanz_house Festival final Party, ARGEkultur Saal

The DJ and Performance Project started in December 2011 and invited performers, dancers and choreographers to investigate the methods and practices of DJ culture. Continuing during Schmiede 2012 in September and tanz_house Festival 2012, the project with Mathias Weiss and Magda Chowaniec will examine DJ acts as performative acts, will travel briefly through the history of DJing and will focus on aspects like a.o:

– different esthetics in DJing and in creation of DJ appearance/image/style
– movement vocabulary of various DJs and music subcultures
– phenomena of a party
– various gatherings, music styles, differences in social experience
– interaction between the Dj as a leader/conductor/choreographer and the crowd

Traveling along these guidelines, the process will allow to research the fields of intersection between the DJ and her/his public, transfering and translating usually common dance experience onto various means/coordinates of performance like movement, voice, space and time. Analysing the figure of the DJ and his work, we will together create a new field of experiencing physical dramaturgy where the DJ and his crowd escape their assigned roles and primal functions.

This project is first adressed to people who wish to physically engage in the process of a collaborative creation, be it dancers, choreographers, performers, DJs or musicians. Magda and Mathias would like to invite interested artists to follow them and to feel free to contribute to a DJ Performance workshop in the form of artistic objects, texts, drawings, photography, movie materials, compositions which will be seen as documentary, archival work on the topic.

“We hope to find interesting cross sections created by such a context and to provide a dynamic, social experience common to all the participants; analyzing the figure of the DJ and his work, we will together create a new field of experiencing physical dramaturgy”, thus the motivation of Magda and Mathias.

The Workshop will be held in German and English.

The project at Schmiede Hallein will run from 17 to 20 September with a final presentation.

Participation in tanz_house festival 2012 is free!
Participation in Schmiede 2012 will cost 50.- Euros
Contact for application: tanzbuero Salzburg,

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