Roaming – An Invitation (2019)

Claudia Heu and Axel Brom
Roaming – An Invitation

… and suddenly a pathway calls from above. Loudly.
… my body is captured in the image that the world offers me at the moment.  

Claudia Heu and Axel Brom roam about roam about Vienna and other cities practicing pausing in roaming. For this purpose they invite friends, colleagues, guests and strangers. They meet again in Salzburg to pause in roaming and together with invited guests raise questions like:

What kind of unknown, perhaps even forgotten spaces open up when we go with the flow of time and with what it brings along? What could happen? What would we come across? What may come from it?
What happens to the I of which we so much talk about? What happens to the You, the other, the foreign?
The crowd of companions grows. This is another invitation.

Sun, 21st of July, 2019, 7:30pm
Mon, 22nd of July, 2019, 8am
Tue, 23rd of Juky, 2019, 7:30pm

Meeting point: Entrance Christian-Doppler-Gymnasium, Franz-Josef-Kai 41, 5020 Salzburg

Duration: approx. one hour
Free entrance! In any weather

We recommend to come without a bag or with a light bag!

Limited number of participants!
We request to register at: Elfi Eberhard, +43 699 11449307 or

Concept and Realisation: Claudia Heu and Axel Brom
Photo: Martin Fabini

Roaming is part of a 2 years research –  stoffwechsel – ecologies of collaboration – which is a transmedia research project by Im_flieger. On invitation of tanzbuero the research is continuing in Salzburg.

tanzbuero is supported by:

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