Look Love Listen (2016)

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A dialogue between two artist generations

With Look Love Listen, tanzbuero devises a creative place in the shape of an open workshop for practical and discursive work. tanzbuero has selected two artists directly, who thereupon chose their artistic counterpart from another generation:

Frans Poelstra / performance (NL/A) with Mirabella Dziruni / visual art, performance (A)

Donald Beteille / music, performance (FRA/A) with Christine Ferrer / visual art, performance (FRA)

Four artists from different generations enter into mutual artistic dialogue and a living discursive process, developing a “consistent dialogue” between generations. All of them share the fact that they deal with live performance in different ways, and are active producing performance artists. At the beginning of their work, in the middle of it, or with it for a long time. Communicating, investigating and marvelling is supposed to break the boundaries of one’s own work through the other’s possibly very “alien” perspective. On the other hand, we want to open up a space for substantiated reflection between the artist generations. It remains to be seen to what extent appropriation and difference between the generations will arise.

Themes such as working methods, formal decisions, focus on specific content, and issues of representation will be decided autonomously by the selected artist couples.

Public presentation on: November 12, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.
SEAD / the rat – research art tryst / Schallmooser Hauptstraße 48a, 5020 Salzburg

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