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CALL Performance Residence Salzburg 2020
tanzbuero invites to a two-week performance residence in Salzburg for one person

studio-szeneWHO? In Salzburg, tanzbuero develops artistic workshop and research formats in the context of contemporary dance and performance art, thereby promoting discursive exchange between artists in spaces for experimentation and thinking.


Just research. The research residence “Performance-Residenz-Salzburg” opens up the possibility of devoting oneself to questions that find little or no space in the (everyday) production in the performative art business. The residency does not contain any programmatic guidelines and thus sees itself as a space for free artistic research. Individual needs are discussed before the start of the stay in Salzburg.
The city of Salzburg offers a wide range of points of contact and tanzbuero will be happy to introduce connections in the context of the research questions if required and will also provide spatial (60m2 studio with vibrating floor and accommodation) and financial (flat-rate € 1,000 plus arrival and departure) support.

The offer is open to practitioners (artists, theorists, curators) from the performative field who do not live and / or already work in Salzburg.

City of Salzburg

November 21, 2020 – December 5, 2020 including a final public moment

Send a description of the research project in a maximum of 1000 characters and a CV to office@tanzbuero.net.

September 27, 2020

The selection is made by the tanzbuero team (Elfi Eberhard, Lisa Hinterreithner, Marlies Pillhofer). If necessary, the conditions of the residence can/must be adapted to the current corona situation.



PK tanz DRUCK.indd

In the Cloud of Copies
A lab for copying and copy in the context of contemporary art
appropriation – context collapse – circulation – found footage –fascination of producing copies . . .

Invitation to Open Lab
Fri, 8. November, 6 to 7:30 pm
Rainberghalle, Rainbergstraße 3b

In this two day lasting lab chosen artists and guests elaborate on the topic of “Copy Culture”

Mathias Weiss (Stereofreezed Soundsystem) and Jakob & Bene (Schlachthofbronx) invite you after the first day to a music performance Open Lab.

Join: office@tanzbuero.net





Claudia Heu and Axel Brom
Roaming – An Invitation

… and suddenly a pathway calls from above. Loudly.
… my body is captured in the image that the world offers me at the moment.  

Sun, 21st of July, 2019, 7:30pm
Mon, 22nd of July, 2019, 8am
Tue, 23rd of Juky, 2019, 7:30pm

Meeting point: Entrance Christian-Doppler-Gymnasium, Franz-Josef-Kai 41, 5020 Salzburg

Duration: approx. one hour
Free entrance! In any weather

We recommend to come without a bag or with a light bag!

Limited number of participants!
We request to register at: Elfi Eberhard, +43 699 11449307 or elfi.eberhard@tanzbuero.net



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