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Laboratory Shared Space – Time | Infiltrations

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Four performances meet. Four performance artists Jack Hauser, Lisa Hinterreithner, Sabina Holzer und Nic Lloyd contribute performances of their own and perform them together in a shared space. The outcome is a fifth performance. The dramaturge Chris Standfest accompanies the performative process artistcally and discoursively.

In Shared Space – Time | Infiltration, tanzbuero pursues the question of how the usual chronological successions of live performances can be transferred to a performative simultaneity, and how the singularity of each performance may give way to artistic plurality in a shared time-space-event.

At the beginning of the performative convergence the performances might collapse, or the artists might lose control over their works. Due to these unusual performance-meetings and their intertwining, the works will be partly deconstructed, and new forms and narratives emerge. Eventually – an unpredictable togetherness may arise.

To what extent can this spatial and temporal „thrown-togetherness“ of diverse performances transcend artistic and aesthetic boundaries in performance art? Can this collaborative process among artists generate new forms of material-collaboration in performance?

concept: Lisa Hinterreithner (A)
performance artists: Jack Hauser (A), Lisa Hinterreithner (A), Sabina Holzer (A) und Nic Lloyd (A/GB)
artistic support: Chris Standfest (A/D)
production and communikation: Elfi Eberhard and Anna Feiler

Open Lab:
Mi, 29 November 2017, 6:30 p.m.
Proberaum der Camerata Salzburg
Kunst Quartier, Bergstraße 12
5020 Salzburg



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