Profil tanzbuero
tanzbuero dedicates itself to the task of developing artistic workshop and research formats for the dance and performance scene, and promoting exchange between artists. It enables spaces for experiment and thought mainly for contemporary choreographers and performance artists, thus creating temporary synergies between creative artists. It conceives itself as a provider of input and networking facilities in the context of dance and performance, and organises artistic research projects.

The integration of artists is reflected in tanzbuero’s broad artistic and experimental profile. On the one hand, the formats are curated by tanzbuero, and on the other hand, „played“ and artistically (co-)developed by the invited artists themselves. tanzbuero cross-links young and established choreographers and performers, putting stress on national and international collaboration. Co-operation with national and international platforms is a central issue.

tanzbuero was founded in 2005 by Elfi Eberhard (management) and Nicole Haitzinger (professor at Dance and Theatre Studies in Salzburg). The artist Lisa Hinterreithner has been part of the curatorial team since 2009. Nicole Haitzinger was (co-)responsible for the development and conception of tanzbuero projects until 2012.


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