Invitation to Half A Whole


Half A Whole is an artistic research project by choreographer Julia Schwarzbach and performer Nic Lloyd. It forms part of the research series What’s Up?, programmed by tanzbuero Salzburg. Its area of interest is the earth, the body, and the intersection of these two. It is about digging – into the earth and into the body – and seeing what is discovered or learned by going under the surface: somatic archaeology.

PUBLIC SHARING: JAN 31 2016 / 19:30 / SEAD Schallmooser Hauptstraße 48 /5020 Salzburg


concept: Julia Schwarzbach, Nic Lloyd
Julia Schwarzbach, Nic Lloyd, Emmi Väisänen, Erica Badgeley
research feedback: Lisa Hinterreithner
sound: Nic Lloyd
content consulting: Prof. Adrian Heathfield
production manager: Anna Feiler, Elfi Eberhard

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